Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Daiquiri Fans

Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Daiquiri Fans

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For lovers of the sweet and tangy daiquiri, here are bars you must visit on your next trip to Asia.

Source: Junglebird KL

1. Kuala Lumpur -- Junglebird
You can’t have a daiquiri without rum, and this bar has got you covered. With a selection of over 100 rums from all over the world, Junglebird is an obvious contender for our daiquiri recommendations list. Its chill, laid-back ambiance makes this tiki bar the perfect place to hangout with friends and escape the KL heat. 

Source: Tropic City BKK

2. Bangkok -- Tropic City

Grab a cocktail and let loose to EDM tracks played by a live DJ under the neon glow of Tropic City Bangkok. Be sure to try “Welcome to the Jungle”, their citrus-forward take on a daiquiri, or the “Chronic Iced Tea” if you prefer more tropical flavors. For larger groups, consider ordering the Cocktail Flask or Punch Bowl to share.

Source: Nutmeg & Clove

3. Singapore -- Nutmeg & Clove

Each one of Nutmeg & Clove’s thoughtfully crafted drinks is inspired by Singapore’s rich heritage, from the region's fauna and flora to individuals who've made a mark on the country. Be sure to order the "Garden City", a refreshing drink inspired by the Singapore Botanic Garden. The bar bites, which are modern takes on classic Singaporean dishes, are also a must-order.

Source: Hoots'

4. New Delhi -- Hoots'

This dark and moody bar is the perfect spot for those seeking a relaxed and intimate night. The cocktails crafted by Hoots' bartenders are elegant in both taste and presentation. Ask for the "No. 5", their take on the daiquiri. 

Source: Hope & Sesame

5. Guangzhou -- Hope & Sesame

If you’re looking to venture outside of your comfort zone, this is the bar for you. Hope & Sesame combines modern techniques like vacuum distillation with traditional Chinese liqueurs, plants, and spices, putting a creative spin on classic cocktails. For live music enthusiasts, there is a secret door located behind Hope & Sesame that leads to 'The Jazz Room’. 

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