Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Martini Fans

Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Martini Fans

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For fans of the iconic martini, here are five bars we think you must visit on your next trip to Asia:

Source: Tesouro Goa

1. Colva — Tesouro

Aptly named Tesouro, which means treasure in Portuguese, this bar is a local Goan gem. The atmosphere of Tesouro is equal parts sophisticated and laid-back and attracts all crowds from all over. Try their famous Midnight Brekkie, a creative take on the martini made with peanut-butter-washed gin, vermouth, strawberry puree, watermelon juice, and malic acid.

Source: SG Club

2. Tokyo — SG Club

The SG Club is comprised of two bars “Sip” and “Guzzle”, each offering a different experience. “Sip” has an upscale speakeasy vibe, while “Guzzle” is more fun and playful. Both spaces are definitely worth checking out, so plan to spend your entire night here if you ever visit. Be sure to order the Geisha Bond Martini, which combines a Vesper with coffee, or the Sixty Forty, which combines a martini with a manhattan.

Source: Quinary

3. Hong Kong — Quinary
Quinary is all about providing a multi-sensory experience by utilizing “different textures, appearances and even sounds” in their drinks. Order the Earl Grey Caviar Martini, their signature cocktail, which is topped with Earl Grey-flavored boba pearls and foam.

Source: MO Bar

4. Singapore — MO Bar

MO Bar is located inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel and features stunning views of Marina Bay. Each of their drinks is inspired by a different region of Asia and utilizes flavors local to each region. If you find yourself at this MO Bar, order the Anko, a gin-based drink inspired by Hokkaido made with sencha green tea and azuki red bean.

Source: Four Seasons Hotel Seoul

5. Seoul — Charles H

This chic and cozy bar is hidden away inside the Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. Their signature drink is the Velvet Martini, which is made with Beefeater 24 Gin, Mancino Bianco, Fino Sherry and citrus oils, and served with a side of olives.

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