Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Old Fashioned Fans

Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Old Fashioned Fans

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For lovers of the classic old fashioned, here are bars you must visit on your next trip to Asia.

Source: Jigger & Pony

1. Singapore — Jigger & Pony 
Hidden away inside the Amara Hotel, Jigger & Pony is a sophisticated bar that you must not miss. With its dark and moody vibe and its warm and attentive staff, this bar is the perfect spot to enjoy a smooth and rich Old Fashioned. Though it is typically garnished with an amarena cherry and a slice each of orange, lemon, and lime, you might get other types of fruit on your citrus wheel depending on the season. Fruits like kumquat, blood orange, or makrut lime, all lend a unique flavor to the cocktail. With its great drinks, food, and ambiance, it is unsurprising that Jigger & Pony is always packed, so book ahead to avoid long wait times. For a unique souvenir, take home one of their Pony Bottled Cocktails. 

Source: AHA Saloon

2. Taipei — AHA Saloon

This retro music-themed bar features cocktails that are named after different classic rock songs and made with classic Taiwanese flavors. Like the drinks, the decor of AHA Saloon is the perfect blend of “east meets west”. The focal point of the bar is a large red and gold plaque, which is a type of decoration often seen in traditional homes and temples. The seating area has large bookcases that feature stacks of vinyls discs and cassette tapes, as well as poster of famous rock bands. Be sure to order “Welcome to the Jungle”, their version of an Old Fashioned.

Source: Bee's Knees

3. Kyoto — Bee's Knees

This is a prohibition-style speakeasy that serves all of your favorite classic cocktails with a playful Japanese twist. Although the menu changes seasonally, the “Bee’s Fashioned” is always available. This rendition of an Old Fashioned utilizes beeswax, which gives the drink a unique aroma. Be sure to order the rye-based “Not Godfather” cocktail that comes with a bowler hat lid, which when opened releases plumes of smoke. If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, keep an eye out for a bright yellow door and bee doormat.

Source: NGO Your Meal

4. Seoul - Bar Cham 

This warm and inviting bar is located inside a traditional hanok and tucked away in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Seoul. Bar Cham combines local Korean liquors with modern techniques. The “Jeju Negroni” is their signature cocktail and is a cult favorite; pair it with any of their delicious bar bites. Or perhaps opt for the “Chungju Gimbap”, a drink that tastes like a Korean seaweed rice roll. It is a bright and refreshing cocktail with lemon, cucumber, sesame oil, and wasabi flavors. If you are unable to snag at Bar Cham, check out their sister bar Pomme, which is located right next door.

Source: Four Seasons

5. Bengaluru — Copitas 

Situated on the 21st floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, this stunning bar attracts crowds with its panoramic views of Bengaluru's skyline and its incredibly talented team of mixologists. While you can never go wrong with an Old Fashioned, you should order one of their six Gin & Tonics Copitas, each offering an exciting twist to the classic cocktail invented in India in the 18th Century. Be sure to also check out their “A Greener Future” selection, which takes sustainability into consideration by using ingredients that utilize every part of the plant, from seed to fruit. Each of these cocktails taste like a different Indian dessert.

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