Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Sidecar Fans

Best Bars in Asia: Recommendations for Sidecar Fans

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For fans of the sidecar, here are five bars we think you must visit on your next trip to Asia:

Source: Sidecar

1. New Delhi — Sidecar

It comes as no surprise that a bar named Sidecar is going to be at the top of our sidecar recommendations list. This "friendly neighborhood bar” has three levels, with a different vibe each, making Sidecar the suitable bar for any occasion. The first floor is designed to look like a coffee shop and has a great selection of books. The casual-lighthearted vibe makes it a great gathering spot for catching up with friends. If you are into music and dancing, the second floor has a stage for live bands. The third alfresco floor is intimate and romantic, perfect for a date night.

Source: The Wise King

2. Hong Kong -- The Wise King
At this decadent bar, which is named after King Alfonso X of Castile who is said to have started the tradition of tapas in Spain, you can savor delectable bar bites alongside amazing cocktails. Be sure to arrive early to guarantee yourself a seat as The Wise King gets very busy.

Source: Zest

3. Seoul -- Zest

Short for "Zero-Waste", Zest is a fine drinking establishment that prides itself on its sustainability efforts. From making sodas and spirits in-house to finding ways to use parts of fruits and vegetables that are typically discarded, this bar does its best to minimize the amount of waste it produces. 

Source: The Bamboo Bar

4. Bangkok -- The Bamboo Bar

Located inside the Mandarin Oriental, this historic bar became the first live jazz venue in Bangkok when it opened in 1953. Over seventy years later, The Bamboo Bar continues to thrive as a sanctuary for jazz enthusiasts and you can catch a live music performance here any day of the week.

Source: Union Trading Company

5. Shanghai -- Union Trading Company

Known as "Shanghai's most celebrated neighborhood bar", this bar prides itself on its warm hospitality. With its no-frills policy, Union Trading Company is all about serving delicious drinks and comforting bites, and its old-school playlist. To top it all off friendly bartenders make a visit to Union Trading Company truly unforgettable.

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