Yuzu Gin Spritzer from Tokushima, Japan

Yuzu Gin Spritzer: Refreshing With a Coastal Twist

Inspired by the coastal breezes and fresh citrus of the Naruto Strait in Tokushima, Japan, the Yuzu Gin Spritzer is a delightful and refreshing cocktail perfect for those warm summer days. This invigorating concoction combines the delicate flavors of yuzu and grapefruit with the botanical notes of gin, creating a symphony of taste that will leave you feeling revitalized. Read on to learn how to create this delicious spritzer and uncover the story behind its creation.


  • 45ml of Roku Gin
  • 30ml of Simple Syrup
  • 30ml of Lemon Juice
  • 15ml of Yuzu Juice
  • 10ml of Grapefruit Juice
  • Tonic Water to finish
  • Dried Citrus Wheel to garnish


  1. Add the Gin, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Yuzu Juice, and Grapefruit Juice to a shaker, fill with ice, then cap and shake vigorously while looking cool.
  2. Prepare a standard rocks glass or collins glass and fill it with ice.
  3. Use the shaker’s strainer (or a Hawthorne Strainer) to fill your glass 3/4 full with the mixture.
  4. Top the glass with tonic water, then use a bar spoon to gently lift the ice in the glass a little and allow the tonic water to mix properly.
  5. Garnish with a dried wheel of citrus then enjoy!


As the sun rises over the Naruto Strait, a lone bartender prepares his mobile bar at a picturesque coastal clearing. Here, he takes in the invigorating salty breeze and the symphony of crashing waves below, as he eagerly awaits the delivery of fresh citrus from a local farmer. The vibrant yuzu, mikan, and sudachi fruits inspire him to create a refreshing cocktail that embodies the essence of the region.

Carefully carving ice into perfect spheres and selecting the finest gins and tonics from nearby craft distilleries, the bartender crafts the Yuzu Gin Spritzer for his patrons. This uplifting beverage not only quenches their thirst but also captures the spirit of the coastal region and the camaraderie between the bartender and his local suppliers.


The Yuzu Gin Spritzer is the ideal cocktail for those looking to experience the refreshing flavors of Japan's coastal regions. With its simple yet elegant combination of citrus and gin, this delightful beverage is sure to become a favorite among your summer cocktail rotation. So grab your shaker and start shaking - it's time to bring a taste of Tokushima to your home!

Or... just buy our Yuzu Gin Spritzer craft cocktail mix, then grab a bottle of gin and get ready to enjoy!

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