Meet the team.

At Nomi, we have firm beliefs. We believe exploration and travel shouldn't be limited by physical distance. We believe food is core to cultural experience. We believe a drink is more than a drink. We believe that the greatest joy lies in sharing that which we love most with those we love the most.

Our purpose is to aid your discovery. We exist to help you discover and share the memories and experiences embedded in every drink with those you value most. We created Nomi for you, the explorer-at-heart, to enjoy anywhere, with anyone - at home, with friends, or on the go.

Our team has traveled across Asia and experienced the best the region has to offer. Now, want to share our experiences with you. Many of our own fondest travel memories started or ended in bars, with the cocktails we found there perfectly capturing the experiences and emotions most unique and authentic to that locale. We decided to use these drinks as our storytelling medium, by transforming them into something easy and accessible to everyone. 

Are you ready to explore with us? Come join us on our journey!

With love,
Team Nomi