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Yuzu Gin Spritzer Cocktail Mix (6ct)

Yuzu Gin Spritzer Cocktail Mix (6ct)

From Tokushima, Japan

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✧ Craft a Tokushima-inspired drink in 5 minutes

✧ All you need to do is add water, ice, and gin

✧ Experience the classic Asian flavor of Yuzu transformed!


What's in the box:

  • 6 individual servings of our Yuzu Gin Spritzer cocktail mixer
  • 6 individual sets of garnish -- citrus wheel and bamboo leaf
  • 1 story card -- read a short story from the perspective of the bartender behind the Yuzu Gin Spritzer
  • 1 curated Spotify playlist -- Tokushima Heat, lively hip-hop beats from Tokushima, Japan
  • 1 postcard from Tokushima to share your experience with loved ones and friends

* Please note: liquor is not included in your purchase. We recommend using Roku or Nikka Coffey with the Yuzu Gin Spritzer.

What you'll experience:

The Yuzu Gin Spritzer transports you from the glistening waters of the Naruto Strait to the awe-inducing silence of the Iya Valley. Crafted with grapefruit, yuzu, and juniper berry, our mixer reimagines authentic ingredients into a refreshing cocktail ideal for hazy summer days and beach outings. Pair with your favorite gin to explore new flavors, and feel the cool breeze of Tokushima wash over you.

Ingredient list:

cane sugar, tapioca starch, yuzu, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, juniper berry, cinchona bark, crystallized lemon, crystallized grapefruit, lemon, bamboo leaf


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  • 1. Put the mixer in a glass.

  • 2. Add water, ice, and liquor.

  • 3. Top with our garnish!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Takai S.
Cool take on a Tom Collins with familiar ingredients from back home

Yuzu was my favorite fruit back in Japan, but I haven't been able to find many good applications of it in the US. This one was surprisingly good - it was simple, really highlighted the flavor of yuzu, and very easy to drink. I'm planning to stock up with summer just around the corner! Really good with Roku Gin!

the PERFECT summer drink

Honestly, they weren't exaggerating when they said this is a refreshing cocktail that is perfect for summer. My Aperol Spritz era is over, Yuzu Spritzes only for me.

Super refreshing and the right balance of sweet & sour

I bought the variety pack and ended up buying the yuzu one again to share with friends. I love that it's not too sweet compared to other mixes or cocktails at a bar. Would definitely recommend as a fun night-in activity with friends!

PS. We tried this with Roku gin and thought the mixer worked really well with that liquor in particular